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Pink large quartz rectangular  beads and small quartz  ovals and [ink nuggets stones  and pink opal Swavorski crystals create a lovely simply beautiful piece.

#151    Cost: 40.00

Black, white and gray agate hexagon and  oval/round stones are accentuated with smaller gray/white agates and small round agates and black rondelles create a handsome design.

#152  Cost: $ 45.00

Light and dark pink ceramic beads are accented with pink, golden and clear quartz rounds and Swarovski pink crystals and highlighted with a unique pink agate druzy teardrop pendant.

#146     Cost: $55.00

Three stranded beautiful mid tone blue  pearl nugget beads accented with glass multi color rainbow beads that reflect blue and purple tones Swarovski blue crystals;

#147  Cost: $60.00

 Three stranded light mint green nugget pearl beads accented with glass multi color rainbow beads that reflect 

green, blues and other tones and neutral toned Swavorski crystals.

#148   Cost: $ 60.00

Blue agate large teardrops each with a unique pattern are accented with aqua Swarvoski crystals, aqua rounds, bugle beads, and  highlighted with gorgeous multicolored blue glass beads, 

#149   Cost: $50.00

Delicate ceramic oval beads with two tulips accented with a white rondell bead, blue Swarvoski crystals, and small blue agate rounds highlighted with medium navy blue agate round beads. 

#150     Cost: $ 50.00

Ceramic pink rounds accented with small pink rounds, Swarovski pink crystals highlighted with an angel pink quartz pendant.

#145     Cost: $ 55.00