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Black onyx and white agate

rounds are surrounded with the same smaller beads that are accented with a unique black rutile oval  pendant with abstract black lines on a clear background.

# 161      Cost: $65.00

Double stand chunk agate brown and gray nuggets create a striking necklace. If you do not care for heavier items pass this by.

#162       Cost: $ 75.00

Large purple ovals are highlighted with agate nuggets of a variety of colors that make the necklace pop with color.

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#164      Cost: $65.00

Gorgeous ceramic round stones with a variety of pink tones highlighted with pink quartz  rounds, pink glass beads and pink Swarvoski crystals, accented with a large pink agate pendant with light and dark swirling pinks.

#166     Cost: $65.00


Unique 2" hot pink round pendant accented with a pink quartz large and small rounds, pink bugle beads  highlighted with Swarvoski pink crystals and a unique 2" light and dark pink pendant.

#167     Cost: $65.00

Lovely black onyx rectangular, small and large onyx round beads and agate round beads. highlighted with black bicone beads make a lovely necklace.

#163     Cost: $40.00

Black onyx and white agate bead large and smaller round beads create an asymmetrical necklace highlighted with a sterling silver pattern and black rutile pendant with black lines on a clear background. teardrop pendant.

#165     Cost: $65.00

Large pink and silver agate squares are accented with multicolor iridescent small beads accented with pink Swarvoski crystals.

#168     Cost: $60.00